Insect screens

Insect screens

OMET Systems in Motion trolleys and bearings guarantee maximum silence and perfect fluidity even when handling mosquito nets and curtains.

A complementary component of the window or door - the insect screen - is a product which is increasingly in demand in Italy as well as abroad.
In recent years manufacturers of insect screens have enriched the range offered to the end customer with innovative offers from an aesthetic and functional perspective: custom solutions and technological and design capabilities of OMET can be a major resource for keeping up with change and anticipating market evolutions.

OMET bearings, made with top quality materials, offer great added value to such products: they are designed to ensure maximum motion manoeuvrability and maximum fluidity over time even if the insect screens or curtains are not moved for long periods of time (e.g. winter months).

Do you know that...?

Imported to the West from Asia, probably by trading used tyres, where it clearly found a suitable niche to be easily spread, the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) became widespread during the last two decades in the USA and Europe, causing a serious health and environmental concern.