Roller conveyors

Roller conveyors

OMET bearings are used in roller conveyors used in various sectors ranging from airports to furnaces, cement plants to packaging, bottling, handling boxes, bags, loose material, soil and minerals and automated storage systems.

Very often the conveyors are custom built, having a specific design and intended for particular processing. OMET Systems in Motion can fulfil all customer requirements, ensuring unique durable efficiency as well as resistance even if subjected to arduous uses, with an excellent quality-efficiency-price ratio.

The bearings used in roller conveyors for furnaces are designed with suitable radial clearance for operation also in the presence of dust. Different surface finishes are available (galvanising, zinc-tropicalisation, burnishing and phosphate coating).

Do you know that...?

Roller conveyors started being widely used in the industrial sector at the beginning of the 20th century: the first to use it were the automotive giants, such as Ford and Fiat, due to its low consumption and its potential great capacity. Today, the world's longest conveyor belt (about 100 km) is located in Morocco and carries phosphates from the deposits in Bou Craa to the city of El Aaiun.