Since 1963

Ever since 1963 OMET has operated in the handling sector, designing and creating components and integrated systems which are applied in the widest range of industrial sectors.

Design and Research

The OMET philosophy is based on a “customised” approach. OMET works with each customer to identify the best solution in terms of quality, performance, functionality and cost, starting from their needs.


Every OMET product is tried and tested individually. Special equipment - the result of internal engineering - simulates the same conditions of use that the product will be subjected to.

Rapid prototyping

OMET can rapidly develop a product prototype using three-dimensional modelling systems by means of the latest generation equipment with the sintering process.

Certified quality

The entire OMET organisation fulfils the stringent requirements of ISO 9001:2008, in accordance with the certification issued by DNV, one of the most influential international certification bodies.

“Great customer focus, thorough knowledge of the market and user needs, customised design and constant, efficient and qualified service are part of the corporate DNA with which OMET establishes itself on the market. The foregoing without ever forgetting the community and stakeholders, who are the recipients of constant interest and a sense of responsibility, which translate into ad hoc projects and initiatives designed to benefit employees and the territory”.

This is the mission of OMET. More than fifty years of experience in the sector are a guarantee that few other companies can offer in terms of reliability and financial solidity.

A guarantee that is further reinforced by the choice of OMET to remain true to its origins - a family-owned business - with strong entrepreneurial involvement and the presence of a young and close-knit team of managers, technicians and employees.

From the production of special “customised” bearings and linear rails, OMET has expanded its business in recent years by providing its customers with its design capacity, the flexibility of the systems and the technical expertise of the workforce by offering complete sliding solutions.

  • Constant research and innovation
  • Total product customisation
  • Business continuity
  • Quality control chart
  • Total product traceability
Since 1963



Present in 5 countries with its own production facilities and commercial offices, OMET has a global distribution network which includes 35 countries all over the world.


Articles (per year)

OMET produces every year more than 500 sliding systems for different applications, fulfilling the specific requirements of its customers.


Projects (per year)

OMET develops every year about 300 different projects, working in close cooperation with the customer, helping to satisfy specifically every requirement.


Years of experience

OMET’s know-how is a rich mix of expertise, capability, and market knowledge built over more than 50 years of experience.